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The Blygold foundation is 100% dependent on our sponsors. We therefore appreciate every single donation that we receive, which allows us to give the much needed support to local charities all over the world. You can donate by using the forms below, or the following bank account number:

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NL31 RABO 03302 77901

  1. Dam tot Damloop 2019

    Blygold international is going to run for the Blygold Foundation. On September 22, 2019, a group of nine runners will run 10 miles for charity during the 'Dam to Damloop'. Our goal is, in addition to having a lot of fun, to raise money for the Hospice Kromme Rijnstreek. The Hospice Kromme Rijnstreek offers its guests a place to stay in peace and safety during the final phase of their lives and to be able to say goodbye to life when this is no longer possible at home, in one's own familiar environment. The existing rights of the Hospice Kromme Rijnstreek have been amply proven. "We have had many guests since the opening in March of 2011 who have reached the end of their lives and were terminal, but we were able to offer them some warm hospitality. This gave them the opportunity to live with dignity in a warm and caring environment, together with their family and their loved ones. In addition to the medical care provided by professionals, there is an indispensable support by more than 120 volunteers who work in the hospice in all kinds of functions: care, cooking, garden and board volunteers. Will you help us to achieve our goals?"
    €1925,00 donated