Blygold Foundation

The devastating Beirut port blast caused a big disaster there and shocked the world back in August. After an already troubling start of the year due to the COVID pandemic, this disaster has only exacerbated the economic and financial strain on Lebanon.

Families were already struggling due to the deterioration of the economic situation and now, with homes destroyed as a result of the explosion, they have had to relocate, with limited access to educational materials and connectivity.

With over 120 schools and 8 universities damaged, the education sector has also been significantly affected by the explosion. Children and students no longer have access to learning facilities, materials and connectivity, and are facing other additional risks to their education.

To help these disadvantaged children and students to pick up their education after the disaster, The Blygold Foundation, ( represented by ms. Souha Hakim / Blygold Lebanon) made a donation to the Ajialouna Organization based in Beirut. This organisation will help with learning materials, connectivity and digital tools to ensure these children can continue to pursue their education