Blygold Foundation

Rijk Bleijenberg

Founder Blygold
In honour of his 75th birthday Rijk has given a beautiful birthday party at one of his favourite locations: the beach. As a birthday present, he asked all guests to make a donation to the Blygold Foundation.

Rijk has 2 granddaughters, one of which was born just 3 weeks before his 75th birthday. Thankfully these girls are in perfect health and don’t have to deal with the tragedy some children of their age have to because they are affected by cancer.

The Kika foundation (in Dutch: Kinderen Kankervrij; English: Children Cancerfree) is a Dutch charity foundation that brings in fundings solely for research to childhood cancers. On behalf of Rijk, The Blygold Foundation will donate the full amount of his birthday present (€ 7.500,-) to Kika, to help them in achieving their final goal: to find a cure for childhood cancer.


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