Blygold Foundation

The Chums Lunch

The Chums Lunch is an annual event in which Catenian Circle members, wives and families provide lunch, entertainment and a small gift for about 80 elderly and a few disabled folk, most of whom are more or less housebound.

The guests are in the main nominated by the following organisations:
– Sacred Heart Parish of Sunningdale (who also kindly let us use their hall and kitchen facilities)
– St Jude’s Parish (Egham and Englefield Green)
– Egham Care and Camberley Care who help elderly and disabled with transport to hospital and health appointments, help with shopping or collecting prescriptions etc.
– Frimley Silver Circle (a club for senior citizens)
– Ascot and Sunningdale Catenians who know of suitable people in their local communities.

The inaugural Chums Lunch was held in 1992 and has been an annual event held in the hall of the Sacred Heart Church, Sunningdale, ever since. Barclays Bank used to match the funding raised by the association on an annual basis, but the gentleman who worked for the bank at the time has retired. The Blygold Foundation, on behalf of Blygold UK Ltd, has now taken up the baton.